Your word’s not falling apart….

There’s something in the water. It heals me. It feels like I’ve been brought back to myself somehow. It soothes me, refuels me, and lets me know that it will all be ok in the end. 

My happiest memories as a child are those spent on Coronado Island. I remember vividly, the feeling I had when I was there. FREEDOM. I could run. And run. And run. IpastedGraphic.png could squeal as loud as my little voice could, and only the waves would hear me. They would kiss at my feet as I ran in the surf. I remember the Del Coronado Hotel in the background. Dreaming I’d one day be a guest there myself. It was this deep connection with the water, that had my heart set on taking my Rapid Transformational Therapy™ training in Miami, FL.

I know from years of training, these are not always the easiest experiences. There is a lot of self-realization that happens with these events. And, a lot of self-reflection is often needed. I decided I’d set myself up for healing, just as much as for learning. I found this beautiful condo on Biscayne Bay that was attached to the hotel where the training was held. I also knew I didn’t want to deal with the stress of driving to the event every day in Miami traffic. This condo was a perfect piece of paradise, perched on the 23rd floor, with a glorious view of Biscayne Bay.

I took a Lyft to Whole Foods to get food, snacks, and water for a few days the night before the training started. I even got a few items I knew would be comforting. I was lucky enough to live in South Florida for a number of years, so Key Lime Pie has a special place in my heart. Key Lime Coconut yogurt was my nightly treat when I wanted a slice of Key Lime Pie.