Trusted Providers

Inner Peace Wellness Massage

Christy, owner of Inner Peace Wellness, is quite simply the best Massage Therapist I've ever experienced. I have battled with Fibromyalgia for years. Christy is who I call when the pain flairs up; and I need a hot stone massage, or some self care. Two locations to serve you! Sugar Oak Office Retreat in Herndon, Va. 481 Carlisle Drive Suite 112 Herndon, Va. 20170 & 6 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 220 in Sterling, Va. 20165 703-568-8684

WhiffleTree Farm

Are you ready to make the change and buy your food from an amazing local farmer? Whiffletree is my go to. Jessie Straight (Owner/Farmer) is an amazing man. His integrity runs as deep as the core of the earth, and the quality of his farm goods is unparalleled. There are drop off sites around the NOVA area

DoTerra Essential Oils

I've used oils for years. I've tried so many brands and to be honest, I just didn't love what I was finding. Then, I caved in and tried doTERRA. The Yoga studio I practice at used their products, and I fell in LOVE. You can order from my own page here. If you have any questions, please reach out! I'm happy to help! My favorite product is by far On Guard! Especially during cold and flu season, On Guard is my go to.

Christina Gabriele for Beautycounter

Are you ready to start switching your beauty and body products over to a healthy and fabulous line? You won't find anything better then BC! Their products are quite simply the best. After never finding a single sunscreen my daughter (15 years old) wasn't allergic to (think chemical burn) BC won my vote this past summer! Their sunscreen is the ONE and ONLY sunscreen that my sensitive skinned daughter is not allergic to. The best part is, you can order and it, and it comes right to your home! Contact Christina today!

Golden Health Pharmacy

Health Beyond Medication At Golden Health Pharmacy, we care about your total well-being. We offer customized solutions to balance medications, natural remedies, nutrition, and wellness. Offerings Include Custom Compounding, Wellness Program, Diagnostic Testing, Education and Seminars, Infrared Sauna and so much more! Tell them Bekah sent you!

Bruno Chiropractic Arts Center

Dr. Chris Bruno quite simply works wonders. I'm so thankful for all he has been able to help me with personally, as well as many of my clients.

CHT Wellness Cynthia Thurlow FNP-C

Cynthia Thurlow is who I recommend all my clients start with when faced with a health issues that conventional medicine has left unanswered. Cynthia has a true compassionate heart and willingness to keep digging to find the help you need. Cynthia is located in Ashburn, VA but is available worldwide via Zoom, etc. (703) 867-8322