Celestite, An Angel’s Light

Celestite, such angelic blue. It sparkles and twinkles with love, just for you. Whomever it chooses is blessed from above. Covered in a blanket of heavenly love. When you see it, your eyes soften to find some enchanted world far. from the world left behind. Your mind may start to wander, as you find yourself in a daze, as you look in deeply, cast in a spell of angelic haze. You can see stars twinkle and the moon shinning bright, showering the earth with it’s glorious light. Celestite invokes angels, we’re told. It takes you deep within to a place of pure gold. When you let your heart feel, and soften your eyes, holding to your heart, this piece of paradise. You can ask anything, the answers, they’ll come. As you speak ever so softly,  you can hear angels hum. This song, so inspiring deep within. So cherish this crystal, and all of it’s glory. For one day you will know the weight of your own story.

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