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About Bekah

Bekah and her husband, Executive Chef Brad Weideman, moved to Northern VA to open DC Prime Steak and Lobsters back in 2014. They are are thrilled to make their home in Ashburn, where they raise their two daughters.

Born with many intuitive gifts and abilities, Bekah opened Healing Hearts to provide the same care to her clients that truly saved her own life. Until Reiki and Hypnotherapy entered her life, Bekah was suffering from many chronic health issues, debilitating depression, anxiety and crippling insomnia. Since healing herself, she has been on a mission to bring this same healing to others.

After many years in commercial offices, Bekah felt her clients required more privacy and a quieter environment then is traditionally offered. Bekah is thrilled to be opening her new home studio January 1, 2020!

“The new office is such a piece of my heart extended to my clients, I love so much. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to offer more. ” -Bekah

Bekah’s Certifications

• Registered Usui Holy Fire llI™ Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

• Registered Holy Fire III Karuna™Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

Trained by William Lee Rand, President and Founder of 

The International Center for Reiki Training

Bekah is a Registered Professional Member of The International Center for Reiki Training

• Certified Hypnotherapist

• Rapid Transformational Therapist

Trained by Marisa Peer in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™).  Go here to learn

more about RTT™  

• Advanced Level Intigrated Energy Therapist

• Integrative Quantum Medicine Practitioner

Bekah has trained in many other healing modalities, and continues her energy healing and intuitive development by working with respected experts around the world. Bekah has a love for learning, and finds so much joy in adding to her knowledge!



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